Me (2002)

Sorry for the picture quality.

This is me 13 years ago. Being the MC for a debate competition I think (Can’t recall but it was held in Al Malik Faisal Hall, IIUM matrculation Center – known as cfs now).

I have been the Madam Chairperson (MC) since that, and have experience handling programs organized by the students or IIUM.
Some peole see me as a very confident person. Actually I am not that confident haha.. Got butterflies in my stomach every time I hold the microphone.

However, it was my late mom’s spirit that keep me going. She always told me that I’m good in English (well not lah berabuk) because she once upon a time wished she was. She told me the story of her try to talk in “english”while playing in the river and some boys overheard and mock her.

“Oho Tipah nok kecek ogher putih konong”

She said she was very sad and humilated. That’s why she was so proud of my talent as MC and debater.

I miss her…

Doakan Elin berjaya ya Ming!

Kak Lin

-Always Madam Speaker-