These days I gained up confidence that have been lost for years.


Yes. I used to wear makeup all the time in my early 20’s. However since having kids and working most of the time in front if the computer, I lost interest in makeup.

These days I support my friends and colleagues by trying the makeup they sell.

Interestingly, most of the items are pretty good and nice to wear.

Still looking however, for a good wudhu friendly mascara. The one I’m wearing currently is Maybelline. Its a great Mascara,but it really to take off 3 times a day (zohor, asar,maghrib).

So I usually just wear them for a few hours before I get exhausted using the makeup remover.

Any suggestions for wudhu-friendly mascara?

(Which wash off with water but do not make me a panda when wet/sweating)

Kak Lin